Poker Stars is the perfect room to start a career

We have prepared a detailed review Poker stars - one of the most popular rooms in the world. In poker, there is always a question for beginners: what room to choose? Indeed, for the start of a career it is important to make the right decision. Poker Stars has been around for 15 years and managed to establish itself not only with pleasant bonuses and excellent software, but also with consistently high traffic and a variety of gameplay. This success is also due to the fact that the administration of the room keeps up with the latest in the poker environment and constantly improves the conditions of the bonus program.

Software Features

Now, most poker rooms have a tendency to offer players ample volume of software, while at Poker Stars it is concise and replete with a lot of features. Thoughtful and high-quality software, as well as stylish design, are always appreciated among the players.

The site has the opportunity download client and install it on a computer or mobile phone. And your accounts will be synchronized, which will not create any problems.

pokerstars on mobile

Entering the client, the user immediately sees all the relevant information, issued in the corporate colors of PokerStars. Visually, the start lobby looks very organic. Navigation is easy to use and allows you to instantly find the desired game or tournament, any information about the rules of the game or contact the support service.

One of the features of the room is the ability to play simultaneously at a large number of tables. Of course, this is a nice bonus for professionals, and may seem like something incredible to a beginner. But believe me, everything is real, especially when poker becomes a means of making money.

bonus program

The generous bonus program will especially surprise new players. If you have just registered, you should know: you are waiting for pleasant bonuses on your first deposit. For example, when making the first deposit in the amount of $20 s promotional code THIRTY, you are guaranteed to receive a reward in $30.

There is also the opportunity double your deposit up to $600, playing at tables for real money, earning points and exchanging them for money.

Players Field

pokerstars gametable

At any time, there will be many players at the tables - after all, the room is really very popular. The playing field is vast and will give you the opportunity to go through the stages of becoming as a professional player. First, to get acquainted with the room, we advise you to play conditional chips at the tables. Next, play with weak enough opponents to, again, figure out the details of poker and increase your starting level. And you will always have time to start serious distributions. The main thing is to constantly improve your skills.

Deposit and withdrawal

Starting to play for real money, you need to make sure the reliability and speed of topping up your wallet, the safety of funds and the simplicity of withdrawal. The room offers a wide selection of payment systems, and the limits depend on the option you choose.

You can use both bank transfers and debit cards and online systems or popular payment services. Poker Stars does not charge a fee for transactions made, they are held only by the translation services themselves.

Support service

You can contact PokerStars support at any time. After all, there may well be problems with verifying your account, passing a transaction, or accruing bonuses. A support service will contact you within two days, and any technical problem will be solved.

We hope that from our review of Poker Stars you learned about the main characteristics of the game in the room and make the right choice to start your poker career.