What is a flop and how to play at this stage of the hand

flop in poker

Poker flop - This is the stage of the game when three open cards appear on the table. It is at this moment that it becomes clear whether your hand is promising. And it is worth paying special attention to the game, because at this moment each participant at the table discovers his chances of winning.

Here are some factors to consider when developing the best strategy for playing the flop further:

  • What position are you at the table;
  • How the cards that appeared change your perspectives;
  • How opponents behaved before the flop: were there aggressive poker players ?;
  • Does it make sense to continue the game if a bet is made?
  • What is the size of the bank at the moment and how much are you ready to deliver ?;
  • Which action plan is better to take, should you play an aggressive or more relaxed game?

Let's dwell in more detail on some of the nuances described above.


It is important to remember that the later you bet, the better your position at the table - you can study the behavior of the players before you and make the best move after. And if you are in favorable conditions in a late position, then as soon as the flop opens, start monitoring how your opponents behave (their reaction to the flop can give you everything). But it should be remembered that if a poker player is experienced, he will not “tell” you about his combinations so easily.

Playing in early positions, your task is not to give out your cards and deceive those who will bet after you.

poker people at the table

Flop cards

Be sure to evaluate the prospects for you and your opponents to collect a variety of combinations. Based on this, it is also possible to analyze the situation at the table, calculating the probabilities of a particular alignment.

The main thing is to more or less accurately calculate what percentage you have in order to collect the desired hand. This indicator will help determine whether to continue distributing.

Aggressors Preflop

If you remember who behaved aggressively pre-flop - now pay attention to these players. How did they change their style? A good option is to act aggressively yourself, place bets and raise them. Then it makes sense to continue such a strategy, regardless of which cards appeared on the flop - you will have a chance to knock out all your opponents from the table even before the showdown.

Does it make sense to continue distributing?

It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with deciding to fold. In poker, you should also step back from time to time, if necessary. It’s just always important to understand the reasons for your fold.

Evaluate the situation objectively, without unnecessary emotions. If you feel that you are losing the initiative, feel insecure at the next stages of the game, or simply don’t know what to do next at the table, just fold. This will save your bank from rash expenses.

Is it possible to bluff?

poker bluff

Deceiving an opponent in poker is not so easy. To do this, take into account what kind of experience your opponents play and your own experience. What are the options for the development of events?

  • You make your opponent think your cards are better than his cards. And he drops his hand;
  • You convince the opponent that his combination is stronger than yours (although this is not so). And wait until he starts to raise himself.

But you should not resort to such tricks too often - if opponents notice that you are too fond of bluffing, very soon you will be left without money.

The flop in poker is an important stage, which largely determines the course of distribution. Learn to play it correctly to increase your profits.