How to get bonuses and play PokerStars for money

How to get PokerStars bonuses for playing for money

Want to play Pokerstars for money, but are afraid to risk your money? To help beginners get comfortable in the poker room and strengthen their bankroll, the Stars offer several profitable bonuses. About each in more detail. 

30 dollars as a gift

You can get an extra $ 30 on your first deposit. To do this, you will need to fund your account by $ 20 or more.

Bonus is issued within 6 days. Every day, $ 5 will be credited to your account: from the first to the third, and also on the fifth day, the player will receive tickets to Spin & Go tournaments for this amount, and on the fourth and sixth money to the account. 

30 dollars bonus pokerstars

To activate the bonus, at the first replenishment of the account, enter the promotional code "THIRTY»In the desired column at the box office. 

Up to $ 600 per deposit

Another bonus on your first deposit is the ability to double it. Each poker room player can deposit from $ 10 to $ 600 into the account and get the same as a gift. 

But for the bonus to be credited to the game account, the player needs to earn points and exchange them for money. For every dollar of rake paid, a player is awarded 5 points. For every 180 points, a poker player will receive a $ 10 bonus. 

120 days are allotted for wagering the entire bonus amount. After that, the unpaid amount simply burns out. 

STARS600 how to activate

PokerStars allows you to combine the first three payments made within 60 days and participate in the promotion with a larger amount. Deposit money into the account with the promotional code "STARS600". 

Loyalty program

PokerStars offers its players to participate in the Stars Rewards program. Its essence lies in the fact that the player receives points for an active game in the poker room. When he has the required number of points on his account, he can open a chest in which a prize is hidden for him. 

The main "chip" Stars Rewards is that gifts are selected individually for the player. In the chest there may be money in the account, tournament tickets, StarsCoin coins. 

Depending on the number of points, a poker player can get a chest of various costs - up to $ 1,000. 


Another way to play PokerStars for money without risk is free tournaments, freerolls. These are tournaments with real prizes, but not requiring a contribution. 

There are really a lot of games like this at PokerStars. For example, games from the school of poker room start every hour, in which everyone can take part. 

You can also pay attention to the closed series of PokerArt. The freerolls in this series have fairly high prize pools (up to $ 2,000), and there are much fewer rivals than in regular free tournaments. Players who register in the room using the link from PokerArt can enter the series. 

Together with bonuses and freerolls, playing at PokerStars for money becomes much more profitable - register, download a client and take the first steps in the world of online poker with the best room!

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