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Online poker tournaments: types, types, what is necessary for participation

Online poker tournaments are the most popular format of this game. Thousands of poker players can take part in one competition, and the sum of the prize cash consists of a number with many zeros. In this article, we will take a closer look at this area of online poker.

which room to choose


To participate in the tournament it is necessary to have registration in the room that this tournament holds and make a buy-in (mandatory contribution). Buy-ins are not present in all tournaments, the exception is the so-called freerolls - free tournaments. You can also get to the tournament using a ticket, which can be obtained as a win or by becoming a participant in a certain action. 

All tournament players start with the same bankroll. The one who loses all his chips is eliminated. The ultimate goal of the tournament is to defeat as many opponents as possible. 

The prize pool and the method of its distribution are described in advance, as well as the value of the blinds (which grow with a certain course of time, each tournament has its own interval).

Types of Tournaments

Tournaments vary in buy-ins and fall into the following categories:

  • Freerolls. Tournaments without buy-in, but with a prize pool, which, as a rule, is a small amount of money or a ticket to a tournament are larger, however, there are exceptions. Most freeroll participants are newcomers who use them to train their playing skills.
    Freerolls are open and closed, if open is accessible to all players in the room, in order to get to the closed room, you need to perform an additional action (enter a promotional code or be a member of any promotion / affiliate program).
beginner freerolls
  • Guaranteed Tournaments that have a guaranteed prize pool, known before the start of its holding. A jackpot can consist of several thousand or several million dollars;
  • Satellite. Type of qualifying tournaments, the prize in which is a ticket to a larger tournament. Helps players with little financial ability to try their hand at a larger competition and compete for a solid jackpot.

Tournament Types

  • Sit and Go. The most popular tournament format. The schedule does not exist, if the required number of players has gathered, the tournament begins. There are sit and go both for 6-9 people, and for 180.

    It has several varieties:
  1. Classic. Few tables, the same number of participants, blinds grow slowly - popular in the CIS countries;
  2. Turbo Blinds grow faster;
  3. Huper-turbo. Blind growth rate is even faster;
  4. Spin & Go. Winning this type of tournament is directly correlated with a random factor. Buy-ins can double as much or a couple of thousand times or more.
  • Multi-Table Tournaments. Tournaments on many tables, a very popular type of confrontation. A large number of poker players simultaneously fights at several tables, flying out of the tournament - the number of tables is reduced. The final table players who have reached the final determine the winner. 
tournaments with a lot of tables

With the help of such a tournament you can get rich dramatically, the jackpot in top rooms for this type of competition can reach 10-15 million dollars.

Types of MTT:

  1. Freezeout. The same stack without the possibility of replenishment;
  2. Rebuy / Addon. The ability to buy a stack for a specific time, at the end of which there is a chance for a final purchase (add-on);
  3. Knockout or bounty. Additional reward for knocking out opponents;
  4. Turbo and hyper turbo;
  5. Deep stack. At the start, poker players have 5-10 thousand chips, the blinds grow slowly;
  6. Shutout. Only the winners of the previous table go to the new table.

How to play tournaments

Tournaments can be played by any registered player room. To do this, find the tournament you are interested in in the lobby and register. Registration may be needed both in advance (1-2 days before the start), and just before the start of the tournament (sit and go). 

Online poker tournaments are what thousands of professional and novice poker players have gone through, it’s where real skill is forged and steel is tempered, format variability allows you to find the best one for you.  

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