PartyPoker official website: why do you need to go to the room’s main page in 2019

How to go to the official Party Poker website and what can be done on the page?

The official PartyPoker website is open to users from all over the world - through it you can start the game in a few clicks. In cases where the page is closed, use methods to bypass locks.

In this article, we’ll show you how to access a resource. And also about what can be done on the official website in 2019.

Why go to the official Party Poker page?

Let's see what can be done on the site PartyPoker in 2020:

  • Go through the registration. You can create a profile on the room page to start a game for real money or conditional chips. When registering, you will need to provide an email address and password, as well as some personal data. You can only have one profile to play at Party Poker. If you create several accounts, you will be banned;
  • Section "Download". Here you can download the client to your computer or phone - in the room there is software for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac. You can download applications for free. We recommend that you download programs only on the official page - otherwise you can download virus software;
Download partypoker
  • "Shares." In this section you can find out about the current bonuses of the room. For example, about free invites to tournaments for the first deposit;
  • "Tournaments." In this menu you will learn about the current series, which are constantly held in the room. PartyPoker also often organizes offline events. In the section you can read about Monster Series, MILLION Online, Power Series and other famous room competitions;
  • "Poker Games." Here you can see the tables that are played in the room - fastforward, cash-games, Short Deck, SPINS, Sit & Go, Knockout;
  • "Loyalty". In this section you will learn about the room loyalty program (the ability to get up to 40% rake back), VIP status of players (how to get status and what it will give you), Diamond, Diamond Club Elite clubs;
  • "PartyPoker Team." You can find out which of the famous players represents this site now. And also read their brief biography and learn how to become a member of the Party Poker team;
partypoker team
  • "Community". All for communication you will find in this section. In particular, you can view the room’s blog, posts from the team of the room, go to PartyPoker TV to watch online broadcasts of tournaments;
  • "PartyPoker LIVE." A separate section for viewing online broadcasts that the room conducts;
  • "Rules of the game". Here you will see the rules of the most popular types of poker - the section is suitable for beginners who have never played poker.

As you can see, the site is very useful for room players. And it should be visited constantly so as not to miss up-to-date information.

Also on the main page in the footer you can read the “Terms and Conditions”, as well as the “Privacy Policy” of the room - the rights and obligations of players are regulated there. It is important to read these documents so as not to miss out on anything important.

What if you can’t access the room’s official page?

Often players are denied access to the official page. This happens in countries where online poker is prohibited. For example, in Russia. 

To get around the lock, various ways have been invented - the players do not want to put up and give up their favorite business. Here are the simplest methods to get to the Party Poker website:

  • Download the TOR browser. This program will allow you to surf the Internet without restrictions. Login to the site through 3 different addresses in Europe. Because of this, however, the download speed suffers a little;
  • VPN Any software that allows you to install a private virtual network is suitable for entering the resource. But installation will take some time. Often such programs also have to be paid;
  • Utilities in browsers. In Chrome, for example, there is a TunnelBear utility - it is installed in a couple of clicks in the “Extensions” section. This is an easy way to quickly access any site through someone else's IP;
tunnelbear for poker
  • Turbo mode in Opera. This method does not always work, but it may also help you. Just turn on this mode in your browser to go to the Party Poker website, and you will not be able to watch videos and animations on the page.

As you can see, the official PartyPoker website is useful for users of the room, and accessing it is not so difficult even in case of blocking!

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