How to download the application on the PokerStars Sochi website and start the game in the room in 2020

How to download the PokerStars Sochi client and what is the special feature of the new room application

You can download PokerStars Sochi without any problems - it will take 2-3 minutes of free time. In this article we will tell you how to download software to your computer and why the most popular room in the world launched another application.

Poker stars - This is the most visited room in the world. There are poker players from all over the world playing at the tables of the room - it has excellent conditions for playing users from the CIS. All software is translated into Russian, and you can convert rubles directly through the room application.

Read about how to download software Poker Stars Sochi today and start the game at the tables of the site.

Why launch the new PokerStars Sochi app

This client was developed specifically for players from Russia - now users can enter the lobby without tricks to bypass the lock. Indeed, earlier, in order to get to the Poker Stars tables, it was necessary to change the IP address, establish a VPN, look for mirrors - in general, perform many unnecessary actions.

Now the new software is available to all users - it may happen that this program is also listed as prohibited. But, we are sure that Poker Stars will find a way around this problem.

What is the difference between the new room application

In fact, this is the same software as the main client of Poker Stars. The differences are only in some design features. And the rest of the client retained the same advantages as the initial version:

  • Convenient menu. In the lobby you can quickly search for the necessary tables and tournaments - they are distributed in separate menus so that it is convenient to search for a game of interest;
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal of money. In the Cashier menu, you can complete transactions in a few clicks - if you have done transfers before, you can enable autocompletion of previously entered data;
  • Support. You can quickly turn to help desk for help through the application - for this you can use the online chat built into the program;
  • The choice of colors for the deck, cards, avatars. These "little things" will allow you to create your own cozy atmosphere for the game - the surroundings can be changed, which will diversify poker;
  • Russian language. The program is fully translated into Russian - you will not come across the fact that some sections are poorly translated or the words are not correctly written.

How to download a program to a computer

To download the application, you need to go to the Poker Stars Sochi website. By the way, if in Russia you try to go to the main page of the room, you will be automatically redirected to this site. It duplicated all the basic information from the source.

Client loading

To download the application, click on the main page “Download and start playing” - after that the automatic downloading of software to the computer will begin. The installation file weighs only 21 megabytes - wait a few minutes for the program to load.

Next, open the downloaded file - you will need to configure the installation of the program:

  • Choose the language in which the software will be installed. The Russian version is suitable for those who first enter the room. And the English version is better synchronized with additional software;
  • Shortcuts. For a quick start, you can create icons on your desktop - you will go to the lobby in a couple of clicks and will not lose time;
  • Terms of use. Read about your rights and obligations so that you don’t have problems playing Poker Stars;
  • Folder. Choose the folder where the application will be installed. It is better to choose a disk with a reserve of free space - the program will need to be updated.
Installing sochi client

Then click “Install” - a few more minutes, and you can go to the lobby and start the game.

Before starting, do not forget to create a profile for the game. But if you already had an account, you do not need to create a new one for playing at Poker Stars Sochi - the clients are synchronized.

You just have to follow this simple instruction so that you can download the application on the PokerStars Sochi website and enjoy every hand done!

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