GGPokerOk reviews - what do its players say about the room

GGPokerOk room player reviews

About what players write about the room on forums and various resources, what obvious advantages and disadvantages they mention in their opinions and about where to look for GGPokerOk reviews, we will tell further.

When it comes to choosing a room and making a decision before the start of the game, users search the network for reviews, which today may not be very many, given that the GGPokerOk room is quite young and is still gaining momentum.

Key aspects of the room mentioned in the reviews

PokerOk - This is the former Lotus Poker, which has recently undergone a complete rebranding process and has changed quite a lot. Players drew attention to many aspects of the new room and noted this in their reviews. Of course, there were some negative ones, but basically the trend is very positive. 

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Most often, among the advantages of the room, players mentioned:

  • Low overall level of opponents. Many players in their reviews mentioned rather low room traffic, which contributes to the general weakness of the players. This allows you to play for money with amateur players who easily part with money, but the level of their game leaves much to be desired. Accordingly, it is easier to win and earn more money from them. This can be seen in both cash games and tournaments. 
  • Large selection of freerolls. Also, often the players mentioned the special generosity of the room regarding the possibilities of freerolls. Most tournaments have free tournaments, but not all of them can provide such favorable conditions as PokerOk. Here, judging by the feedback from the players, you can really raise a good starting bankroll without your own investments.
  • Reliable payouts. Having studied a fairly large number of reviews about the room, we can safely say that all players agree that the room has no problems with payments. If all the conditions for wagering have been met, then the money comes to the account quickly and as it should. Among the reviews, there were no complaints of delayed payment or its complete absence. 
  • Frequent promos. A large number of regular promotions, bonuses and offers is an integral part of the PokerOk room. Players often mention this in their reviews and do not skimp on compliments. Moreover, both new players and regular ones have a chance to regularly participate in various draws and events. 

Of course, not a single barrel of honey can do without a fly in the ointment. Negative reviews are also present, but they are mainly related to the operation of the site itself and the room software. This is understandable, given the youth of the room and the presence of certain initial problems that are constantly being fixed.

Reviews of real players

Below we provide some real feedback from users of the PokerOk room. 

CrazyGun88: “I used to play at Lotus Poker and there were problems with paying money to the card, so I thought for a long time whether to try to play at PokerOk. I decided to take a chance, and so far everything is ok. I’ve already withdrawn money twice without any problems, so for now I’m satisfied. Of course, I am far from a pro, so it’s difficult to judge, but it’s easy for me to play and the level of players is quite low, so you can earn. So far I only play at micro-limits in Hold'em, there is always someone to play with.

Magic_flashlight: “Great room, just for beginners. As for me, there could be more bonuses, of course, but there have never been problems with paying. There are many freerolls, where even I managed to win prizes several times. I didn’t like the fact that you can’t even use the simplest statistical software in the client, but I’m already used to it. Although, in principle, the players here are quite weak and so far I can quite cope without it. In general, I think beginners will like it here, since there are not so many professional players here, which is a plus for me! I definitely advise newcomers to try it! "

Pokermaster90: “I liked the room. Yes, there are some nuances, it’s especially unusual to play without trackers, but otherwise it’s quite worthy. I’ve been playing for 3 months, during this time I managed to withdraw $ 100 and $ 70. Mostly I play hold'em, sometimes I try Omaha. Players will always be found, tables are not empty. Special thanks for the excellent support team. The guys will always help, answer quickly, and even in Russian. Of course, it still does not reach the level of top rooms, as the software lags at times, but I hope that this will be fixed soon and I will be able to play more often. In the meantime, I rarely play because of flaws, but otherwise everything is ok. ”

You can find other GGPokerOk reviews on poker forums, partner sites, related resources, as well as in the comments under our articles on the room.

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