How to log in to poker room

Instructions: how to get into your account pokerdom

To enter the poker house, you first need to start a personal account. We will tell you how to register, verify your account and verify your identity. We will also figure out what to do if you can’t enter the office.

Registration in Poker

In order to start playing at the poker room Poker house, you need to have an account. One person has the right to only one account, the security service of the room strictly monitors the implementation of the rule, so if you violate it, they can simply block you. If several people are playing from the same IP address (for example, members of the same family), then it is better to contact support in advance and consult what to do and avoid punishment.

To register, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the official site of Poker, select the Registration section
registration in the room poker room
  1. Come up with a login by which other players at the tables will identify you. You will also need a complex password that protects data from hacking. Check if the email address you are registering for is correct.
filling in poker rooms
  1. Open your inbox and look for an email from PokerCard. There will be a link to follow to get your account working.
  2. Now verification: take a photo or scan a document proving your identity and send the information to the support service. This must be done in the very near future, otherwise the account will be deleted.

Features of the player’s personal account:

  • My profile. This is the place where all your personal and personal information is stored. Here are the name and surname, contact details (phone, email). Always provide only real information about yourself, any fake account will be tracked and deleted sooner or later.
  • Safety. Poker platforms make sure that your money and personal data are in order. Therefore, you can enable two-factor authentication. It works through the generation of short codes that the system will send, for example, to your mobile phone. So you will always be in the know if the attacker decides to use your data –– SMS will come about this. In addition, if it seems to you that someone else used your account, in the Security section you can change the password to a more secure one.
  • Responsibility in the game. At PokerDom you can block access to certain categories of gambling entertainment, such as Betting and Casino. You will still have access to the account with money and you will be able to return to the game when you feel that you are back to normal. You can also completely block your account in the poker room, if you turn to technical support. 
  • Promotions. In this section of your personal account there is always only the latest news about promotions and bonuses. And you can track your progress on wagering, bonuses and rakebacks. Do not forget that immediately after registration you have the opportunity to receive 150% of the deposit amount. Read the details on the official website of Pokerdom.
  • Translations. Through this window you can transfer money to a friend or girlfriend by transferring to the account. The operation is simple: specify the login and the amount to be paid.
  • Verification As we have said, this is an important process for the quality of the poker room. This allows you to prevent the possession of many accounts, to prevent minors from playing, and to find scammers. For verification, you need to specify a mobile phone number, email. Still take a photo or scan of the first turn of the passport with the name and photo. If support has questions about the reality of your personality, they will offer a video conference. Do not be alarmed, this is a normal procedure, if you are a real person and have not deceived the poker room, everything will go well and your account will be verified.

I can’t access my account

Do not panic, most likely it's just a little hitch. Your account is OK, let's check what could go wrong:

  • The site is undergoing technical work. Check this by reloading the site several times, contact technical support or familiar players who also use Poker.
  • You forgot your password / did not change the keyboard layout to the desired one. Check it out.
  • The site is blocked due to issues with the legislation on gambling. Use a mirror or VPN.

If none of this worked, write to support, they will help you very quickly.

poker room entrance

Logging in to Poker is a simple procedure that does not require special preparations, just go in and play!

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