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Reviews Poker - positive and negative opinions of participants

After reviewing the reviews with PokerCard, you can determine how serious and reliable this room is to give preference to it. Given the great number of poker rooms and the high probability of cheating, before choosing a room poker players study the opinion of the participants in each room.

There are both positive and negative feedback from players at PokerDom. Do not take them seriously, because some of them may be custom-made.

Replies to negative reviews

There are some of the most common problems poker players discuss.

Few participants at high stakes tables

Players in this room note an abundance of tables with small limits, fewer players play with average bets, and at high limits (150/300 and 250/500) the tables fill up for a very long time. Judging by such statistics, it can be said that the field is weak, which means that you do not risk losing the entire bankroll by running into an experienced professional. Therefore, this is a great room for beginners, where you can get a good and successful start.

Twisted RNG

Much is written about this in the reviews of 2020, but this problem is blamed not only by PokerCard, but also by many other rooms. Pokerdom's random number generator is licensed and certified by Connective Games LLC. Considering that the management of the poker room does not have access to the RNG management, the allegations of his twisting are untrue.

This is a domestic room, so it is better to give preference to a foreign

This is one of the most common opinions, but if you look at the capabilities and reliability of the room with PokerCard, it is in no way inferior to foreign venues.

Verification Required

poker house verification

This condition is valid in all rooms - it is impossible to withdraw and cash funds without confirming the identity and entering the necessary data.

Positive feedback from players

There are many positive reviews that will help you build a personal picture of the poker room. Poker house.

Fast payouts

Many participants are satisfied with the prompt withdrawal of funds after successful verification. You can get the money won within a few hours on business days. While in other rooms, it takes three to seven business days.

Bad Beat Jackpot

pokerdom bad beat jackpot

One of the main advantages of the room is the presence of a bad beat jackpot, which is at the Omaha and Hold'em tables. Participants who lose after them with a square of twos and above can qualify for part of the jackpot. Today its size is 1,388,000 rubles.

There is no way to use additional software

This software is installed in many rooms and gives participants the opportunity to gain an advantage over their opponents, which puts them in unequal conditions. In addition, auxiliary software is expensive - not every room and not all players, especially beginners, can afford such a luxury. Therefore, PokerDom put a ban on its use. So the game for all participants will be fair and equal.

Operational support

Many people like the speed and quality of support. Support is available around the clock. Employees quickly respond to requests from players and provide detailed answers to them.

Advanced client software

Most participants are satisfied with the competent approach to the development of client software, which turned out to be advanced and multifunctional. It is universal - it is convenient to play with it both from a computer and from a smartphone. For those who do not want to install the client on a PC or mobile application on the phone, a browser version is available. It is no different in quality and functionality.

MTT Tournaments

Many are happy with the variety of MTT tournaments with high buy-ins. You can bet in rubles.

As you can see, there are different reviews by Pokerdom, but most of them are positive, so this room deserves your attention and participation.

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